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Does Protein Powder Expire? Your Guide to Storing Protein Powder

Does Protein Powder Expire? Your Guide to Storing Protein Powder

As you head to the gym in the morning, you reach into your protein powder and notice an odd smell or maybe even an odd taste when you take your first sip, even though the expiration date is still months in the future. Could it have gone bad already? How do you know if your protein powder has expired? If you find yourself wondering how long whey protein lasts, what signs of expired whey protein are, or what protein powder’s shelf life is, then read on.

We will explore protein powder, its various types, how long it is meant to last, and signs that your protein powder is going bad. We’ll also discuss whether you can drink expired protein powder or even use it, and we'll give you some tips to store your protein powder from now on properly. Before we get into how to store your protein powder, let’s first look at one crucial question: does protein powder expire?

Understanding Protein Powder Expiration

Nearly every protein powder you can find today—whey, casein, plant-based, and more—comes with an expiration date, but is this the actual expiration date? How long does whey protein last, and how long does a protein shake last? Even though protein powders are shelf stable, they won’t last years. Most of the protein powders you’ll find only have a shelf life of six to 24 months or roughly two years maximum.

However, it also depends on the type of protein powder you have. If you have whey protein, you’ll likely have about 12 months or longer, even up to 19 months, if you store it under optimal conditions. With other types of protein, like casein and plant-based brands, you’ll also find similar shelf lives, but it is essential to check the label to know exactly how long you have before you toss out the current package for a fresh batch of protein powder.

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that your protein powder will go bad before the expiration date has arrived. But how do you know if your protein powder is going bad? And can you drink expired protein powder? Let’s explore that next!

Signs Your Protein Powder Is Going Bad

If you suspect your protein powder is not in the same shape as it once was, it is likely already spoiling or has gone bad. Your protein powder can go bad before the expiration date. One of the most common signs people often see is a change in the protein powder's color, texture, or even smell. Any time this occurs, it is best to toss it away, especially if it smells rancid or looks darker than before.

Can You Drink Expired Protein Powder?

Like other products, you may be able to drink expired protein powder, but it is not recommended, especially if you’re looking to enjoy the product's benefits. When protein powder goes bad even before its shelf life, it means that the amino acids are no longer present in the substance. Additionally, if oxidation occurs because of improper storage, you could actually make yourself sick.

So, the answer toCan you use expired protein powder?” is maybe, but it is not recommended, especially if you want to avoid potentially getting sick!

How to Properly Store Dry Protein Powder

If you want to maximize the benefits of your protein powder and you have the dry, low-moisture form, there are several things you can do to extend its shelf life. First and foremost, you must store your protein powder safely, preferably somewhere dark, cool, and dry. Because your dry protein powder is a low-moisture product, the more you allow the substance to come in contact with moisture, the worse quality it will be.

Most protein powders are best stored at no more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is easily manageable for many. If you can, try to keep your protein powder in a location away from light with a tight lid!

Storing Liquid Protein Shakes

For those who prefer liquid protein shakes, you might wonder if there are any differences in the storage of dry protein powder versus liquid shakes. It’s actually quite similar to dry protein powder, and here’s why. How long a protein shake lasts depends on how well you store it, just like the dry powders you can find at numerous stores.

As long as you store your liquid shakes properly, meaning that you seal them tightly and keep the contents cool, you’ll avoid decay and the loss of those essential amino acids. It’s best not to open protein shakes until you need them, as this can accelerate their expiration. However, if you must open one and then use it over time, follow proper storage guidelines, and you’ll see them last till their expiration, possibly even longer!

How Storage Containers Can Preserve Protein Powder and Shakes

While leaving your protein powder or shakes in their original container might seem like the best choice, you can benefit from storage containers. You can opt for a simple mason jar, an airtight container, or another plastic canister you might have in your home. These can provide your protein powder with a safe location and the right environment for it to last longer than the expiration date.

However, one of the best options for protein powder storage is to find a vacuum-sealed container like the Tightvac. Tightvac is the optimal storage solution because of its proprietary vacuum-sealed technology, which protects your products from the external elements that often make these powders and shakes expire quickly. It is also increasingly versatile and can be used for practically any product in your pantry or kitchen.

Tightvacs not only help you extend the shelf life of your products but also comes in many sizes. If you have a small to medium amount of protein powder to store, try the TV5 or TV6. If you need to store a large amount of protein powder or even shakes, you can use the TV7, which holds up to 5 lbs (10 litres). Tightvacs can also be stored in the pantry or the fridge, so you have plenty of options to optimize your storage.

💡 A Kilovac is an excellent choice for most people. If you buy your protein powder in larger quantities, then the TV7, with twice the capacity of the Kilovac, may be a better option.

Purchase a Tightvac to Store Protein Powder Today

We hope this article helped you learn more about storing your favorite protein powders and shakes and what you can do to enjoy them even longer. To get your very own Tightvac to upgrade your protein powder shelf life, shop our collection today for the perfect size for your workout necessities.

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