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Hawaiian Organic Coffee Farm Experience


Hawaii Coffee

We first would like to tell you how excited we are about coffee and its wonderful - natural origins. We were blessed to visit the amazing Kona Rainforest estate after doing our very first coffee show on the big island of Hawaii! Our hosts Robert and Dawn Barnes, the estate owners were like Coffee heroes to us! From the first moment they met us at the bottom of the farm we were transported into an organic heaven where nature and coffee grew side by side. The coffee we were served on their front porch was unforgettable – The views and the taste of Kona Rainforest Coffee will stay with me for my entire life!

Hawaii 2


Walking around the farm we learned how coffee was started from small seedlings raised on the farm in small green houses…

This red leaved tree was absolutely stunning….Our planet is truly a miracle and must be treated like one.

Hawaii 3


It was such an organized farm with strategic planting , rows of coffee trees with SUSTAINABLE areas left throughout the farm for nature to flourish.




Pictures of the flowers and vines throughout the borders of the farm….. The flowers growing wild along the borders of the estate made one want to drink coffee from this Rainforest – everyday!

Flowers 2



This is a fertile growing ground for coffee and there are many coffee farms & estates in the Kona region of the big island of Hawaii



Kilauea – the volcano on the big island of Hawaii is evidence of just how natural life on this planet begins.

For the past few years the volcano has been erupting leaving ash and making new land for our future children. You can see in all these pictures a slight haze over everything. This is ash from the volcano.

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