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Tea Storage Information

Tightvac Teavac Tea Storage


There is nothing more soothing and pleasant than a warm cup of tea. Keep your delicate tea leaves fresh up to 3x longer with a TeaVac tea storage container. Our patented vacuum seal technology draws out air as it closes, creating the perfect environment to store your tea. Every time you open your TeaVac, you'll smell fresh tea, just like the first time you opened the package.

Tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet after water, & Tea Time is one of the most practiced rituals, observed by countless & diverse cultures across the continent! It is told in tea folklore, that a few thousand years ago a Chinese emperor was drinking his boiled water when a few tea leaves floated through the air & landed in his cup, he so enjoyed the taste that he began the search for what was to become the most popular herbal drink on the planet.

China is the birthplace of tea and gives to us some of the finest varieties of white and green teas. Although China is the origin of tea, surprisingly, it is not the world's largest overall producer of tea. Japanese tea also enjoys great popularity with a long history of tea culture worth exploring, and tea worth trying. However, it is Indian tea that is the world's most consumed tea! It is also the world's largest tea producer, with an estimated 850,000 tons of tea being processed each year!

Tightvac Teavac Tea Storage


Common health facts about tea, show us that it is rich in antioxidants, can shield our immune systems, stop infection, and even help us shed some pounds! Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whether feeling ill or good, and can be consumed hot or cold. Tea's rich flavor & variety of purpose makes it just as desirable in the United States as in Europe, the Middle East, Hungary, Russia, India, China, Argentina or Chile.



The delicate Tea leaf is vulnerable to light, odors & any kind of moisture. It's imperative that Tea be stored in a cool, dry & dark place. Tea is hygroscopic and absorbs any moisture that is in the air, this is what tea does when proper tea storage is not achieved.

Refrigeration of tea is NOT recommended by experts. Refrigerators hold odors & create moisture; this combination is devastating to tea even when in a sealed container the moisture could compromise the integrity of the tea.

Sunlight and indoor lighting both have a UV component. Those UV Rays can and will break down the molecules in tea, stripping color and flavor over time. Exposure to light breaks down tea quality, making glass containers unsuitable for tea storage unless kept away in a dark place. Experts agree that Glass is especially NOT recommended for tea bag storage. A clear container should NOT be used unless it is always kept out of the light.

Tightvac Teavac Tea Storage

The TeaVac was designed to prevent all these things from happening. Tightvacs are a Patented Vacuum System, Air Tight & Smell Proof, they come in a large selection of sizes, Solid, Tinted and Clear body styles. They have been designed to combat the natural elements that can make your tea stale & unpalatable. Whether your choice is precious loose leaf tea or teabags Teavac is the perfect container for all your Tea storage needs.


FACT: The patented Tightvac-Teavac system was originally designed for Tea Storage! Over 5 million Vacs have been sold in Asia & worldwide specifically in the Tea industry! Tightvac-Teavacs have a proven & credible track record when it comes to Tea storage, just ask the over 5 million Asians globally using it right now! Taste the difference with the TeaVac storage container.