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5 Facts About Coffee

5 Facts About Coffee

By Denise Mckenzie

Coffee is known to have been around since the 15th century. You may drink it every single day. Perhaps you depend on it to peel your eyes open to make that morning commute to the office. You may enjoy curling up with a cozy cup and book on a crisp autumn day. But what do you really know about coffee?

1. Coffee beans are actually coffee cherries

The beans grow from seeds that are produced by a specific type of reddish-purple berry from the coffee plant. The pits from these berries are the actual beans, which typically split into two and are what are commonly used to brew the world’s favorite morning ritual. However, some 5% of these beans do not split, and are known as “peaberries”. Coffee producers use these rare beans to make special limited blends. They tend to pack a little more flavor in your cup.

2. How much coffee per day?

The average coffee drinker puts back up to 3 cups a day. Studies are showing that Americans in particular are drinking even more per day as trends continue to change and manipulate the way coffee is consumed. Whether it’s iced coffee, cold brew, or a traditional hot cup of with milk and sugar, people are brewing up a storm!

3. Largest producer of Coffee

Currently, Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee. A traditional cup of Brazilian coffee is medium-bodied, a bit sweet and low in acid. Approximately 30% of the world’s daily dose of caffeine comes from the vast expanse of Brazilian coffee farms. However, Vietnam is catching up, accounting for about 20% of the world’s production.

4. Coffee has health benefits! 

Studies have shown drinking coffee lowers your risks of Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes, and protects against Parkinson’s Disease. Coffee also helps fend off depression, adds fiber to your diet and fights heart disease. So, go head. Brew that morning cup and enjoy!

5. Best way to keep your coffee fresh

If you are looking to experience the freshest cup, the best way to store your coffee beans or grounds is in a Coffeevac storage container. The 2-way press button allows natural gas pressure to escape, without allowing any oxygen into the container. Freshly roasted coffee requires the release of more C02 gas. The Coffeevac V-valve allows this excess build up to escape without the compromise or loss of flavor and freshness.

Also, keeping your coffee stored as a whole bean, especially frozen, will ensure the most freshness. So throw that Coffeevac in the freezer. You can thank us later. You can also purchase all of our Tightvac food storage containers on Amazon!


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