Stay Fresher for Longer!

Stay Fresher for Longer!

10 Foods to Store in a Tightvac

In these tough times, we are all hunkering down at home with our families to practice social distancing because of this global pandemic. You probably have been stocking up on essential foods and supplies, prepared to stay in for the next few weeks.

You might be worried about some of your food stock going bad. Thankfully, Tightvac food storage containers are the perfect kitchen organization companion. If you are looking to learn how to keep your food fresh and to save some space in your kitchen pantry, here are a few of our other favorite things to store in a Tightvac to keep food fresher for up to three times longer. 


Dried fruits and nuts


Beans and rice


Fresh fruit




Culinary herbs


Pet food and treats




Chips or popcorn






What else can you store?

You can really get creative with storing food or other items in a Tightvac storage container. For example, a Vitavac is perfect for storing daily vitamins or medications. You can store small office supplies in a Minivac. You can even create a first aid kit or emergency kit in one of our larger sizes, such as the Pastavac or even the Breadvac.


The possibilities are virtually endless! Check out our website to see our large variety of sizes, colors, tints, and designs. 

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  • Justin Tarlow