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Best Ways to Store Dry Pet Food for Cats and Dogs: 8 Tips to Try

Best Ways to Store Dry Pet Food for Cats and Dogs: 8 Tips to Try

When it comes to your pet's food, it's essential to know how to store it properly to ensure that it maintains its freshness as long as possible. Whether you have a cat or a dog at home, dry food is probably an item in your pantry. But do you know the best way to store your pet food?

To save money and ensure that dry food is used, you must know the best pet food storage. Here are eight tips for dog food storage and cat food canned storage.

Why Proper Pet Food Storage is Important

Many must know the best practices for keeping pet food fresh and edible for as long as possible. Canned food is straightforward to use and store because once it's opened, there is an expiration date, but before that, canned food can last a long time.

However, dry food can be difficult, so it's essential to know the best dog and cat food storage and how to utilize it in your kitchen. In order to maintain the nutritional quality and shelf life of dry pet food, it is important that you store the food the right way. Moisture can lead to mold, which can make your pet sick.

Here are eight tips to help you maintain the quality of your pet's dry food and some ideas for the best containers for pet food storage.

Tip #1: Keep It Cool

The first tip is to keep it cool. Pet food can go bad fast when exposed to extreme heat. To properly store your pet's food, you need to make sure that you store it in a dark and cool location rather than out in the open and exposed.

Ideally, temperatures are kept under 80˚F with low humidity. 

"When exposed to high temperatures or humidity, fats in pet foods can become rancid and nutrients in the food can break down." (Clinical Nutrition Service - Tufts University)

Tip #2: Keep It Airtight

The next tip is to keep the dog and cat food storage airtight. You would be surprised how many bacteria, viruses, and pests can get into food, even if there is nothing but a little crack between the lid and the rest of the food!

For that reason, make sure whatever you use is going to be airtight; that way, you'll be able to avoid having to throw out food that has gone bad because of poor storage.

Tip #3: Freeze Your Pet’s Dry Food

Another fantastic tip is to freeze your pet's dry food. Many people need to be aware that they can do this, but you can do it when it comes to dog food storage. You can store our Tightvac pet food containers in the freezer, but make sure you use the original packaging or an airtight container to ensure that any moisture does not get into the packaging.

For cat food, it's best not to store cans in the freezer, but when it comes to dry food, it's the same as with dog food.

Tip #4: Store Dry Pet Food in the Original Packaging

One of the main reasons you should consider storing or drying pet food in the original packaging is to ensure you have the expiration date correct. To avoid any guesswork regarding how you store dog food or cat food in your home, use the original packaging.

Also, ensure that the expiration date is legible. You can also write the expiration date on whatever container you store the pet food in if you need to.

Tip #5: Ensure Your Pet Food Remains Dry

It is essential to make sure that the pet food remains dry. With canned food, this is a nonissue because canned food is by nature moist and needs to be such. However, you need to ensure that your pet food remains dry, especially if it's dry.

cat eating food

The best way to do this is to have proper dog food storage and proper cat food can storage. This comes with using the best containers, but you need to ensure that you know what these are and have these in your home for optimal storage capabilities.

Tip #6: Every Storage Option Should Be Completely Sealed

Often, we might be too much in a rush and end up in a position where we store the dog food, but it's only partially sealed. This might even happen with your cat food.

Make sure that whatever container you use, your pet food storage is completely sealed. This will save time and effort and ensure that your pet's food remains as fresh as possible.

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Tip #7: Know How Long to Keep the Food After It’s Been Opened

Many people need to be aware of how to store food after it's been opened. In most cases, canned pet foods have a long shelf life, but when they open, you will have to put a can cover on top and store it in the refrigerator for no more than five to seven days at a time.

If your pet has yet to consume the dry foods within a day, it's best to throw them out or return them to pet food storage in your home at an earlier time throughout the day.

Tip #8: Use a Tightvac for Maximum Freshness

When it comes to maximum freshness and keeping the food safe, and away from bugs, one of the best tools to use is a TightVac container. This is one of the best containers for pet food storage because it's easy to use and store, and you can even take it along when you go out with your furry companion!

With this product, you can store items for up to three times longer than you would originally, and it's a patented product. The lid is explicitly designed to push out the air and keep more pet food as precious as possible over time. Best of all, there are various sizes, so you can choose which size fits your pet’s needs.

Purchase the Best Containers for Pet Food Storage

With these tips, you can store your pet food like a pro! Say goodbye to having to throw out old food because it wasn't stored properly, and say hello to days when every bag of dry pet food you buy is enjoyed until the very last bite.

One of the best containers for pet food storage is the Tightvac. There is nothing like having one in your kitchen, even with other airtight vessels. For more information and to look at our various products, browse our collection of pet food storage containers today to learn more and discover how to store your pet food properly.

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