How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Did you know that roasted coffee beans start to lose their freshness in less than two weeks? Let’s face it. Most of us making coffee at home are using old, stale grounds  purchased weeks or even months ago. Even if you are freshly grinding beans for your morning cup, the charming aromatic smells and rich flavors will likely be gone before you use all the beans, and what you are grinding will be less than impressive. 

So what happens when coffee is not stored properly? A few things will occur. Light can leak in, breaking down the chemical compounds of the bean in a way that makes it stale. Air will cause oxidation, leaving the beans dry and flavorless. On the opposite end, moisture will cause spoiling, again leaving a flavorless product. Too high of temperatures will also ruin the taste. 

Coffee is sensitive to the elements but you don’t have to settle for stale coffee. There are several things you can do to get the most flavor and freshness out of your coffee.

Store your coffee in a cool, dry place, such as a kitchen cupboard, preferably not above a stove or any place where there will excessive heat or inconsistent temperatures. Even though many coffee manufacturers use special packaging for pre-ground coffee, they aren’t the best to keep them fresh for longer periods. 

For longer shelf life, use an airtight storage container, such as the Coffeevac. We recommend the Coffeevac ½ pound storage container for daily use if purchased in small quantities. Our patented airtight containers prevent the access of air and moisture from entering. Using a solid or tinted Tightvac does a great job of keeping the light out, which also disrupts freshness. 

If you are buying ground coffee, you may notice that it loses freshness pretty quickly. It is always recommended to buy beans and grind them yourself each morning. If you are feeling even more ambitious, you can purchase green coffee beans to roast yourself. This may be a bit impractical for people rushing to work every day, so we still recommend the storage method above, whether you buy the grounds or beans.

Coffee is at its peak freshness no more than a few days after roasting. For the freshest, only purchase enough to last you a couple weeks. If stored properly, your beans will stay fresh  throughout this time period. 

If you are buying in bulk, store your large quantity in one of our larger Tightvac sizes, such as the Kilovac or Breadvac. Then keep a smaller Coffeevac available for daily use, only opening the larger one to refill the  smaller. That way the coffee in the large container stays sealed and loses only minimum freshness once opened for refilling.

Do not put your coffee in the refrigerator. Humidity and moisture will get into your bag or container.  Freezing your coffee is a good solution, but only if you plan to store longer than 2 weeks and use a proper airtight storage container, such as the Tightvac. Even though your freezer is, well, frozen, moisture could still seep into regular containers or coffee bags. 

And for those who don’t have time to make coffee at home, there are ways to make sure you have the freshest cup while ordering out. When your order at a cafe or coffee shop, opt for an espresso-based drink. These will typically be from the freshest beans in the store. Also, if you are getting your java to go, bring your own travel mug. Not only is it better for the environment, your beverage will taste more like the fresh coffee you so desire, and less like the paper cup they automatically serve it in. 

Overall, we recommend storing your coffee in a cool, dry place without a lot of light in an airtight and vacuum-sealed food storage container. Our Tightvacs have many uses, but they work best for keeping your coffee the freshest, so you can enjoy each cup more and more. We hope you find this article to be helpful.

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