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How to Store Coffee (Ground or Whole Beans): 7 Smart Tips

How to Store Coffee (Ground or Whole Beans): 7 Smart Tips

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee but storing it long-term is challenging. This is especially true as we enter the holiday season. Buying unique holiday blends—or even your favorite coffee beans—can be a nice treat, but what do you do if you can only finish some of them before they expire? You wouldn’t want to waste all that money on your favorite coffee!

To enjoy all of your favorite coffee from the holiday season and more, you must know how to keep coffee beans fresh. Here are seven tips to help you store your coffee correctly so it lasts as long as possible and maintains its freshness.

Why Storing Your Coffee the Right Way Is Important

Many people don't know that there are so many ways to store coffee, whether ground or whole beans. While there is no real concrete answer, when it's ground up, most coffee lasts at least a year once it's opened.

On the other hand, coffee beans might only last up to nine months. But with the proper storage, you can have your coffee beans and grounds last as long as possible.

So what happens when coffee is not stored properly? A few things will occur. Light can leak in, breaking down the chemical compounds of the bean in a way that makes it stale. Air will cause oxidation, leaving the beans dry and flavorless. On the opposite end, moisture will cause spoiling, again leaving a flavorless product. Too high of temperatures will also ruin the taste.

To keep your coffee as fresh as possible and to maintain its same wonderful flavor, here are some tips to help you learn how to store coffee in your home.

Tip #1: Keep the Beans Airtight

The first tip is to keep your beans airtight. When it comes to coffee beans, they can't absorb too much moisture, and they shouldn't be in any container that has too much air.

When the air gets inside these containers, it can allow moisture. This ultimately reduces the time you have left to enjoy your coffee. Ensure your coffee storage maintains an optimal environment to keep your coffee beans or grounds as fresh as possible, and you’ll maximize its shelf-life in your kitchen.

Tip #2: Don’t Buy Too Much

Another crucial tip many people might mistake is buying too much at once. Of course, if you have a proper storage method, you don't have to worry about purchasing too much, but in general, you should only buy as much as you need.

whole coffee beans
For example, even if there is a sale where you can get a lot of coffee for less, you should only buy a few bags of coffee grounds if you know you can't go through it in time. Only buy what you need for a couple of months at a time; after you run out, you can continue to stock up and store your coffee as needed.

Tip #3: Freeze Your Coffee Sparingly

Coffee beans and grounds can be frozen, but it should be done sparingly. If you're out of space for your coffee, the freezer should only be used for short periods. You would also want to take it out occasionally to ensure it keeps well. Some people take out their coffee every week to ensure it is fresh and not going bad over time.

If you have no choice but to use the freezer, it's one way many people know how to store coffee beans long-term. But you must ensure you use the correct container, so your coffee doesn't absorb moisture while you store it in there.

Tip #4: Focus on Storing Coffee in Cool, Dark Places

One of the best tips is to make sure you store your coffee grounds or beans and cool, dark places. This is important because coffee, much like tea, needs to be kept in an optimal environment that allows it to maintain its freshness.


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Cool and dark locations typically are the best for storing coffee because it helps to maintain freshness over time, and they can keep these items out of sight until you use them again. To maximize this method, be sure to use the right container that will keep out heat, moisture, and more.

Tip #5: Use the Right Container

One of the most important tips is to use the correct container. Too many people keep the coffee grounds in the same bag as once they got it, but ultimately, this can accelerate the aging process for coffee.

If you want to keep your coffee beans or grounds fresh for as long as possible, use a painted mason jar or container that you can seal firmly. A great option for storage is our Coffeevac, which has a unique lid that pushes the air out to create a (partial) vacuum seal. We recommend the Coffeevac ½ pound storage container for daily use if purchased in small quantities. Our patented airtight containers prevent the access of air and moisture from entering. Using a solid or tinted Tightvac does a great job of keeping the light out, which also disrupts freshness.

Whatever container you use, make sure it can protect your coffee from light and extreme temperatures.

Tip #6: Keep Your Coffee Grounds Away From Heat

As convenient as it might be to keep your coffee near your coffee maker, you might want to rethink that plan. You want to keep your coffee grounds away from appliances that typically heat up as you use them throughout the day.

Keeping your coffee grounds near these machines can ultimately damage and accelerate the aging process for these coffee grounds and coffee beans. Therefore, keeping it away from heat is one of the most important things you can do to extend its shelf-life.

Tip #7: Store Your Coffee In a Container that Is the Right Size

If you are buying in bulk, store your large quantity in one of our larger Tightvac sizes, such as the Kilovac or Breadvac. Then keep a smaller Coffeevac available for daily use, only opening the larger one to refill the smaller. That way the coffee in the large container stays sealed and loses only minimum freshness once opened for refilling.

A Tightvac container can store your coffee grounds and beans to keep them fresher for three times longer. Imagine having coffee grounds from Christmas that last as long as three years! The Tightvac is a patented product designed to push air out (creating a partial vacuum seal) and keep your coffee as fresh as possible. Best of all, it comes in various sizes, so it is one of the best options for storing your coffee.

coffeevac storage for coffee

Purchase the Best Way to Store Coffee For Your Home

These tips will help you store your coffee like a professional, so you can enjoy it as long as possible without losing any freshness! Regarding containers for storing your coffee, there is nothing quite like the power of having a TightVac container. This product stands out as high-quality and effective compared to other airtight vessels.

Don't just take our word for it - our products have received over 8000 positive reviews on Amazon!

With our proprietary design, you can have long-lasting freshness for your favorite coffee grounds, coffee beans, and more. To look at our various options, check out our range of coffee storage containers.

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