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Pet Food Storage Information


Your pet's health and happiness is much like your own and like your own, begins with a proper diet and exercise. As a dedicated pet owner you already make sure that your special friend is taken care of in the best way. However, what you may not know is that once you've opened the box or bag of pet food and snacks, those opened bags/boxes are no longer safe for your pet's food storage. If left open and not properly stored the nutritional value in your pet's food begins to deteriorate, moisture in the dry food can also develop causing unhealthy bacteria, mites and allergens. Proper pet and dog food storage is important for your pet's snacks, vitamins, and prescriptions to maintain your pet's good health.

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When you store your family's leftovers you wouldn't just put the pots or plates full of food directly in the fridge, right? Absolutely not, you use pet and dog food storage containers like TightVacs to store your leftovers in, so they remain fresh, edible and healthy. It can be the same way for your pet food and should be.


Dog TreatsTightVac containers will safely store all of your pet's nutritional & medicinal needs; from daily snacks and vitamins to special prescriptions and bulk amounts of dry foods. TightVac dog food containers come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to suit any animals needs; whether you have a pack of Saint Bernards or just a fuzzy little kitten, fish, birds or the family hamster.

Pawvac Pet Food StorageTightVac Pets are also great in the fridge or freezer for storing leftover wet food! You'll be pleasantly surprised to see the many ways you can utilize TightVacs for all your daily pet & pet owner needs. Your pet will definitely be thanking YOU in the long run! TightVac Containers have a Unique Patented Vacuum Closure System! Simplicity That Works & Freshness Made Easy!TightVac - Pet and Dog Food Storage Containers - Features Unique patented closure system keeps contents fresh, dry and secure. An Easy Push Button System or Twist to Seal, creating a vacuum seal every time! Variety of sizes for storing anything from vitamins to bulk dry pet foods Variety of colors and styles to choose which most suit your needs Smell Proof so your kitchen and cupboards stay odor free Clear plastic container keeps stored items visible. Tinted and Solid styles will protect light sensitive pet foods. Organize all of your Pet's nutritional & medicinal needs! Keep expensive vitamins & prescriptions fresh, safe, and moisture free. Use in the Fridge or Freezer! Store leftover wet pet food in a TightVac! Awesome protection for precious, perishable Bird Seed! Keeps delicate Fish Food fresh!


Pawvac pet and dog food storage

Designed with wide mouths for easy filling and scooping; convenient and tidy for dispensing. BPA FREE! Strong, Secure and Durable long lasting storage! Designed for quick and simple cleaning. Travel accessory for pet owners Great for On-the-Go pet snacks & food while camping, hiking, driving or boating, etc. Perfect for Air Travel: carry your Pet food & Snacks in Clear containers thru Airport Security in your Pet Carrier Ideal pet food storage container for use throughout the home, in the garage, on the farm or in the coop!

AwardsSome General Pet Food Storage Tips: Always use a TightVac Pet Food airtight container and apply the same storage principles to pet treats as well as pet vitamins and prescriptions. If not stored properly, after six weeks, the nutritional value of dry pet food is substantially lower than when the bag is first opened unless properly stored. Protect dry pet foods from oxygen and humidity. Never store open bags of dry pet food for lengthy periods in warm, humid areas, or in sunlight. Heat and moisture promote the growth of mold and cause fats to go rancid. If the bag of dry pet food comes into contact with water, for instance, a wet kitchen floor or leaking basement, discard it! Ideally storing smaller amounts of bird, dog & cat food actually guarantees fresher food for your pets free of mites or allergens.

Pawvac pet and cat food storage

Dog TreatsYou can place the original bag in a TightVac Pet and Dog Food Storage Container to keep important information. The original bag of pet food contains the bar code, batch code, and expiration date which is important to keep, especially in the event of a pet food recall, or if you suspect any problems with the food. Keep your pet treats in the original bag and place into a TightVac Pet Food Storage Container. Prevent exposure to storage mites and other pests. Use a TightVac Pet Food Storage. Storage mites commonly thrive in the grains of dry pet foods. Pets with allergies are frequently allergic to storage mites. Guard your pets from one the most common storage mites; "Tyrophagus Putrescentiae," a mold mite that develops where there is moisture and/or high humidity and is not easily detectable. TightVac Containers!